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Thread: No contract iPhone 3gs

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    Default No contract iPhone 3gs
    Is the iPhone 3gs available with no contract from At&t or Apple?
    If so how much?

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    Yes, not unlocked. $600-$700.

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    It's odd why Apple would sell the iPhone 3gs at full price and still have it locked. I understand if one would buy it at a subsidized price with two year contract...but for full price you should be able to use it anywhere.

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    Because Apple and ATT have an exclusive rights agreement in the US for 5 years....and that would be breach of contract.

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    I read somewhere that you would end up paying about $100 less if you sign up for a two year contract, wait a full month and then cancel your contract paying the $175 early termination fee than you if you pay full price for a no contract iPhone 3gs.

    Is this true?

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    Might be a tab bit cheaper........and a LOT more of a hassle.

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    I know that at least in Australia they have a law that carriers and stores have to offer unlocked phones. So what they do is they charge a certain amount (like $30) to unlock the phones for you. I think that's why in some countries u can get unlocked iphones. We in Thailand have to get them either from Hong Kong or Australia. Try ebay.

    My personal theory though, is it makes you want it all the more 'cause of all this exclusivity and jailbreaking and unlocking and all that. Like a girl playing hard to get I mean Apple keeps saying that they've sold a gazillion iphones, but has anyone ever done a calculation of all the possible legit users of all the *official* carriers out there. It's just impossible. It's a marketing strategy. Whenever I go the the phone mall, I always see lots of foreigners hollering "iphones, have u got iphones?"
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