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Thread: Lock Screen Notifications

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    Default Lock Screen Notifications
    I used to have an app, or something, on my iPhone that would show the sms app icon or phone app icon on the lock screen whenever I had a missed call. I found something in Cydia called Notifier Widget which replaces your lock screen background with text that tells you if you have a missed call or text, however, I can't find a way to make the icons show as they did before... I'm guessing it was a different app.
    I was wondering if anyone knew of this app, the icons on the lock screen made it very easy to tell if I had a missed call or text. My phone currently does not show anything except on the status bar if I have a missed call or text.

    I just realized there was a theme in Winterboard called Lock Status that does exactly what I want. I still cannot seem to be able to change the background image on the lock screen when I have it turned on, though.. It's just solid black. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?
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    the problem is that currently any widgets on 3.0 will leave you with a fully black lockscreen

    I would get StatusNotifier (also on Cydia)... this app will leave notification icons in your status bar (mail, sms, calls). But as well, this app doesnt really quite open so well in 3.0, but at least the notifications work

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    Thanks for the help. I'm currently using StatusNotifier actually, it was the only way I could see if I had a missed call or text, unless I wanted the plain black lock screen with icons.
    Anyways, looks like mcleaner and iblacklist both came out with updates for 3.0. Haven't tried the new iblacklist, but mcleaner is still cool because it will show the number of the person the missed call/text is from on the lock screen, but will not show a preview of the message (depending on your settings).

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