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Thread: Is it possible to un-bar the iPhone 3G

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    Default Is it possible to un-bar the iPhone 3G
    I have just bought a iPhone 3G off a chap in the pub and have found that it is barred due to it being reported lost or stolen.
    All the apps work ok and the 3G works for the internet as well I just cant seem to make or receive calls as the is no network bars in the top left corner. I have put a o2 pay and go sim in.
    I spoke to O2 and they said the only way to unbar the phone is to get the original owner of it to get it unbarred.
    Can anyone help me i have just spend 200 on this phone :-(

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    is it possible?

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    I am 99.9% sure u can not do this, which I think is good considering my iPhone cost me loads. The 3g won't work, u must be talking about wifi. Basically all u will have is an iPod touch.

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    Well you can get it fixed. You have to have the orginal ower take it in and proved he found/recovered his phone. Then he'll have to send it or take it to apple and they can reprogram the chip. It cost about 125 usd. That's what it cost my brother in the states.
    Now, I work partime with a security company and the iPhone is one of the biggest item being stole. Any help for a thief isn't cool.

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    hi alfaevo111,

    as o2 have already said the iphone will have been barred by the original owner, the iphones imei (unique serial) will now be on the uk blacklist meaning that the phone will not work on any uk network. so the 2 options are

    1) getting the original owner to phone o2 and say that have found the phone to which o2 might not even unbar the phone if they have already replaced the phone on the insurance.

    2) chaning the imei number with that of a non active phone, this of course is not legal within the uk and so i will not say any more on this subject only that google is you're friend

    Unfortunatly it looks like you have spend 200 on what is simply an ipod touch

    Hope this helps mate



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    change of heart, will be closing this thread
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    ^^^ it will still be barred

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    What if u unlock it? And use it on a diff carrier?

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    don't use stolen property. take it to apple or the carrier for the iphone in your area. If it were my iphone, I would be sending you reward money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfaevo111 View Post
    is it possible?
    from it states :
    -Those who ask for help in catering to their stolen iPhone will not be helped. Save yourself in advance from the headache and flames. In relation to this
    -IMEI numbers on iPhone 3G and above cannot be changed. Stolen phones that have had their IMEI blocked will remain blocked

    looks like you got burned on ebay, a jailbroke ipod touch is still pretty cool though..

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