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Thread: Is it me or is landscape texting annoying?

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    Default Is it me or is landscape texting annoying?
    ok so at first when I got the iphone i was pissed because I wanted landscape texting..after 2 years of getting used to the standard keys position I began to love it. I honestly can type faster on the regular position touch screen then on a landscape touch screen or actual buttons..the other thing that pisses me off is when u pick up your phone and the text message is stuck on landscape and u have to wait like 5 seconds for the screen to flip up right again. another thing is when ur texting and ur leaning to the side the freaking screen flips. like if your laying down for a needs to make it a option to disable landscape texting..

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    stop it flipping whilst you're in the middle of fricking typing would be a start.
    drives me berserk typing a message and you lean a bit and end up typing the wrong letter because its gone landscape on you.
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    I personally appreciate the option to text in landscape. But I agree with you that we should have the option to turn it on and off.
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    I likes me some landscaping.....but actually use standard more often.

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    i hate it lol

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    i personally like it. If you are annoyed by the spinning try using an app in cydia called no rotation.

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    its just you, i love it... .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beva922 View Post
    its just you, i love it... .
    No it's not. I hate it, too.

    Since I only had the option to text in portrait for 9 months, I got used to it and can type way faster and make less mistakes than in landscape.

    It's great for people who are new to the iPhone and can get used to landscape, but I prefer portrait and really wish I could disable the rotation so I can lay down and text.

    I'm sure it'll be here in the next update? Right?
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    landscape texting is one of the greatest features coming to the iphone like ... ever?
    if you get used to landscape texting only a LITLLE, you will type faster than ever, I'm sure of that. I type with two thumbs and I almost never miss the button I'm aiming at. and if I do, auto correct will ... autocorrect me

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