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Thread: iphone restore questions

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    Default iphone restore questions
    so i have iphone 1.1.4 and had it only jailbroken, not unlocked, with ziphone 2.5c and decided to restore it after a while. so basically what i did was i held down the home key and connected it.this puts the phone in restore mode and i restored it using 1.1.4 software downloaded from ziphone.

    my questions are:
    1. does it matter than i didn't delete the apps before restoring?
    2. does this completely reverse the jailbreak so that apple will never know?
    3. is restoring all i have to do to have the phone run exactly how it was OTB?
    4. is there anything that i missed or should of done before the restore?

    Thanks in advance for answering all the nooob questions
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    You should be good.

    Yes, will look and act like new.

    You have to "virginize" the iphone in order for it to be back to OTB however, in other words Apple can still tell you messed with it, even after a restore.

    You can do this through Ziphone, painless.

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    how do i virginize through ziphone?
    i need to do this even if i didn't unlock it?
    is it too late to do it? or can i still do it now.


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    You can do it anytime you want, just make sure you backup the phone through Itunes first so you can re-sync all your contacts, etc.

    There is a button called "refurbish" on Ziphone. click it.

    If you just do a normal restore in Itunes, believe it or not, there are trace files left over that Apple will/can see or find that will show them you've screwed with it. Doing the "refurbish" will erase EVERYTHING. Make the phone truly back to OTB.

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    that worked like a charm =] i think it downgraded my phone to 3.9BL though.. thats what it was saying on ziphone software. does that matter?

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    am i at a disadvantage now cauase of this 3.9 BL stuff... kinda new to this...

    besides if apple checks the phone right..
    and checks the phone lifetime
    and relizes that it shoulda came with 4.6 BL then they woulda known that you messed with it....

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