Hi, just upgraded to 3.0 recently (irrelevant really), and i was hoping someone could clear something up for me.

When i was on 2.x, i noticed a very distinct 'sluggishness' in the phone, when i had a number of mobile substrate add-ons installed. This isn't a case of 'wtf??', i realise what these add-ons do, but what I'm not sure of is which exactly are particularly consuming memory-wise?

At the moment, my add-on list includes:

ClockHide (to hide the lockscreen clock, as I'm using a landscape theme)
FCSB (5 column..)
PreferenceLoader (i've no idea what this is?!)

It would be great if someone could list these in order of increasing memory consumption, and then i could decide which really needs to stay etc.

Thanks a bunch,