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Thread: Where did Visual Voicemail go after Unlocked 3.0 update on my Iphone 3G

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    Default Where did Visual Voicemail go after Unlocked 3.0 update on my Iphone 3G
    I realized that I do not have visual voicemail on my iphone 3G. At first, when I updated my iphone to 3.0 and Jailbreak it the visual voicemail was present, but the phone was a bit laggy so I decided to restore it and Jailbreak again. When I did the visual voicemail came off and went back to the original way to listen to voicemails ...Is there a way for me to get it back? Please help me, the ironic part about all of this is I had a first gen Iphone and when the updates came out with visual voicemail I couldnt get it either but my cousin's Iphone did. Its not a big deal but I would really like to have it.

    Any help is good help. Thanks =]

    I noticed there are settings for visual voicemail in "network setting". Currently it only has is there anything else i need to fill in?
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    Default Visual Voice Mail not working
    Well I didn't realize mine wasn't working for about a month until someone asked if I had gotten their message. Called AT&T (they never asked if my phone was jailbroken) they reset my voicemail which erased all voicemail. When I tried to set up voicemail using the phone it wouldn't do it. Kept getting hung up on "saving password" then give me an error message about not being able to connect to network. AT&T then had me setup voicemail using the keypad (dial 1) and that worked but visual voicemail still didn't. They then put me thru to senior tech support. They said to restore the original software (3.0) and set it up as a new phone. They said that there are apps that are breaking visual voicemail. Mind you, these are Apple approved apps from the App store, not jailbroken apps. They said they have had to tell a lot of people to do this in order to fix visual voicemail. They told me to start adding apps one at a time to make sure visual voicemail still worked after adding each app.

    I did all of the above and it did work, but of course the phone isn't jailbroken and I had to setup my email again on the phone. I lost my photo roll but had most of them backed up on iPhoto but the AT&T person never mentioned this. Just kinda weird that this is happening with legit apps and neither Apple or AT&T are trying to do anything about it apparently.

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    I have the new 3gs and my visual voice mail is not working either. I have 3.01 installed. Called At&t and they know they have an issue but do not know how to resolve the issue. They asked me if I would upgrade to 3.1, no way at present. I have reset my network connection and AT&T have reset it their end but they do not know why it does not work!!!

    Anyone else with the same issue ?

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    Yeah... I just did a "reset all settings" and now my Visual Voice mail does not work. It hangs when uploading the greeting to the system as well - says it cannot connect to the server and to try again another time...

    I have been thinking about restoring and rejailbreaking from 3.0.1 to 3.1.2 - Plus I used a custom IPSW on my old 2G, shaved the OS, and deleted all of the nonessential daemons and the 2g was almost as fast as my 3GS!!!!

    I am curious to see how fast the 3GS is after using a custom IPSW and doing the other stuff to it...

    I guess I have an excuse now... But if anyone knows how to fix the problem that would be great.


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