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Thread: This Accessory is not made to work with iphone problem

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    Default This Accessory is not made to work with iphone problem
    this pops up every 5 minutes what should i do?
    nothing is plugged in

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    First I would try blowing out all of the holes (ports) on the iphone. You may have gotten a piece of dust/dirt/trash thats stuck either in the bottom plug, or the headphone jack. I know that sounds odd, but it has been known to cause issues.

    Otherwise, I would try a restore

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    i have the same problem it didnt work, any wrong answer isnt anygood answer, why is everyone posting the same answer when it is obviously incorrect.

    Ok im sure that people will be supprised when they find out that this spec matches all of their's.... im 2g, jail broken on 2.02 firmware, the error began after installing a range of different apps on cydia.

    i have no accessories inc earphones meaning nothing is connected. and the itunes wont pick up any trace of the iphone let alone charge it. my batteries almost completly flat with no chance of revival. and i have an official apple power cord and it is connected without the stand. I connect to windowns not mac.

    i used win pwn on the iphone.

    (i live in australia which means i cant take my 2g iphone to the shop to get repaired as they refuse to touch a 2g iphone where australia only sells the 3g. which is retarded as it is there tech, they made it and it does work on our network and they claim it cant.)

    Its like buying a iphone from apple then them saying sorry we dont sell nokia phones... not Frikin ding dongs you dont i bought an iphone and i want it repaired you cheap lieing bimbo's

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    Your answer is in my sig. click "flex cable"

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    Software fix.

    Mac Forums - View Single Post - iPhone Dock gives "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone" error

    Full version (in Italian, but Google translates it well):

    .: Suondmao's World - iPhone iapd Reverse Engineering :.

    I've not used it (had my iPhone replaced under warranty when it had this error). But many report it working (first link is part of a 6 page thread).

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    God this seems to be a common issue why on earth can't there be some kind of software fix made to just block the piece of crap pop-up from coming up. Mine does the same thing randomly throughout the day and every single time I unlock the phone. Oh it's so annoying!!!!

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    Like one1 said, it's a hardware issue, which is why they don't make software fixes for it. If you're under warranty, it's best to just get your phone swapped.

    Otherwise, you should get someone who knows what they are doing to make a repair for you.

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    This happened to my friend. He took it to the Apple Store and they gave him a new one.

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    Yeah everyone keeps saying "they just took it to the apple store" but somehow I doubt they will help me on a unlocked jailbroken iphone 2g that I bought used on ebay. Looks like I'm SOL. And I understand it's a hardware issue but it still seems like it could be done. I mean, they have a sound and profile controlling app and thats a hardware issue too isn't it. It's just a little switch on the phone that turns sound on and off, seems pretty hardwarish to me.

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    There may be a pop-up blocker in Cydia. You can always check your warranty status on, and if by some chance it is under warranty, do a fresh restore to get rid of the unlock/jailbreak.

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