I'm not sure where to post this, since installing iTunes 8.2 on my Vista Laptop, and then installing 3.0 firmware on iphones I then get BSOD from Vista when they devices reboot or are disconnected.

For example, last week when 3.0 just came out I updated a 2g iphone to 3.0 - all went well until the restore had finished and it rebooted - As soon as the reboot I got a BSOD. Rebooted into Vista OK, reconnected the iphone and synched new apps to it. Disconnected it by pressing the eject button in iTunes, and then pulled the USB cable out - which caused another BSOD. Vista rebooted ok so I didn't really think about it.

This morning I have updated 2 iphone 3g's to 3.0 on the same laptop, and once the firmware had finished restoring, and you get the pop up in itunes about the phone rebooting - as soon as the phone screen went off Vista got a BSOD - exact same point on each phone. Vista reboots fine, the phones work fine - synch both phones to full (8gb and 16gb), eject the phone in iTunes and as soon as I pull the USB lead out - BSOD.

Anyone else had this problem? I'm going to use a different USB cable and see if that is the issue - I have never had this problem before though, and it seems suspicious it started after installing 8.2 iTunes last Wednesday and putting firmware 3.0 on iPhones. Also my Vista install has never BSOD before, and it has been running rock solid since May 08 when I first got the laptop.