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Thread: 3GS Battery

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    Default 3GS Battery
    Got my new 3GS last Friday. I have 3 mail accounts setup but only one is set to push, the rest are set to manual. For some reason battery is dying in less than 10 hours with little to no use. Any ideas or reasoning? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Dunno, mine has been lasting about 10-12 hours but with a good bit of use.

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    Strange thing is my fiance has one also and hers last more than a day at a time with no issues. Not sure what the issues is, was hoping someone else would have this issue or know why I am having it. Might turn the one account off and see if it makes things better. We shall see.

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    Push doesnt use extra battery life. I use MobileMe which is also Push.

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    when you fetch it uses more battery no?
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    Ya fetch would use more battery cause the phone is having to "call in" to the server periodically whether you have mail or not.

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    I just bought a 3GS, upgrading from the original iPhone (not 3G). I find the battery life a LOT shorter on the 3GS than with my old iPhone. Before, I could go without having to monitor my usage-- well into the second day! Now, with minimal use, the battery is down to 6% by 8 or 9 PM! This is not good!

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    I turned push off and I see that my battery is lasting all day without falling below half way with moderate use. Tried turning push back on for the one account and saw my battery drop from full to half in a few hours. Guess I will not use push for now.

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    its push. A LOT of people are having this issue.They're saying that the phone is continuously trying to connect to a server causing your battery to drain. Theres a huge thread on the apple site about it. I have a 3g and when i had push on i could literally watch my battery drain every 5 mins. Turn push off and your battery should be normal again. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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    Thanks, tellytel!

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    Yeah alot of people have been having issues with it........buggy. It shouldnt eat up battery like that.

    **knocks on wood** Ive had no issues......yet.

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    I haven't done any tests with a timer or anything, but I think that my battery is actually lasting considerably longer than the 3G one. That may be because the battery in this one hasn't worn down yet, though. My 3G's battery has really degraded over a year...
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    I am having battery issues also. Enough to start this evening and taking pictures of usage throughout the night. I found this thread while looking for others with issues and checked out my push.... it was on. I never used it with my 3g so now I turned it off and Ill see what happens. I hope it was just the push, I don't want to go in and get a new s.

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