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Thread: 3.0 Push Notifications

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    Default 3.0 Push Notifications
    For some odd reason, push notifications aren't working for me with AIM or Beejive IM. Both say that Push does work, I enabled the Push in both applications, and Notifications is also enabled in the settings in the main iPhone menu. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? I tried sending myself IM's but nothing ever show up when the phone is locked, like it's supposed to. I have the correct version, too, but still, there are no notifications. Help?

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    Try uninstalling then reinstalling BeeJive, has worked for some.

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    Naw, that doesn't seem to fix the issue...

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    I got nothin then. Its been working for me **knocks on wood**

    However BeeJive was fowling out last night pretty bad.

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    Arghfkjekfjefl. Well, I guess if anyone else has anything that might work for me, it would be nice, but it seems I'm the only one with this issue. I even restored my iPhone at one time, and it still didn't work. Basically, I use Wi-Fi at my house, I downloaded the AIM free, for now, and when it first started up, I allowed Push notifications to be opened. Not sure what else I need to do, I even went into AIM settings and enabled Push Notifications, but still nothing...

    Kk, update. Every time I exit the application, it seems to be disconnecting, and every time I start the application again, it has to reconnect. I set the settings to sign off only after 24 hours, but it still seems to disconnect every time I exit. Any ideas?
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