okay so my iphone (2g) is in recovery mode and i need to get my data off of it!! but the problem is its not jailbroken and i saw posts about people who were able to use iliberty and iplus but since mine has never had a jailbreak will it work??

i read up to see if i could do a jailbreak right now but since i have no backup file of my phone (because my phone would never complete a backup.. which is why im looking for a way to extract the data without restoring) ill lose everything anyways right?!

oh and im using a PC running on XP!! and im not as iphone savvy as most of you seem to be.. so when people were talking about running iplus and changing stuff i couldnt follow along!! id reallyyy appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction because if its not possible i wont waste any more time being phoneless and just restore it! as long as i know i tried everything i could!!

thanks in advance!!!