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Thread: Cydia problem on iPhone 3g 3.0

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    Default Cydia problem on iPhone 3g 3.0
    Can someone help me? Well when I try installing the complete upgrade for cydia it keeps saying Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on essential. So the two packages that cannot be downloaded are Cydia Installer and Debian Packager. I didn't really think much about it, so I added the source and tried installing ultrasnow but when I was stilling it the same error popped up "Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on essential."

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    did you jailbreak it with icy and cydia on it?

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    found the solution re jailbroke it without icy

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    If I were to re-jailbreak without checking ICY but leaving cydia will the icon for icy go away?

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    Default yes...
    NO DUH. haha, if you uncheck the "Icy" thingy, then it will not be installed onto the springboard of your iphone. But you can always go into cydia and download it from there. No problems. Oh wait, but i misunderstood. If you rejailbreak, i think that icy will still be there. It's best just to restore and then jailbreak it anew. I know it's a HUGE hassle...

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    Yes, if you rejailbreak and uncheck icy, icy will still be installed however cydia will now function correctly.

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    Got it! I rejailbroke it without restoring and the icy icon remained on the phone and its functioning properly.
    Thanx guys

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    Default deleting icy icon
    You dont have to restore your phone then re-jailbreak it to get rid of the icy icon. Simply download cydelete from Cydia. This app lets all downloaded apps from Cydia to be deleted like normal iPhone apps. shaky icons with x above it.
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    I don't have Icy but i have this problem and i deleted cydia but i can't reinstall it...

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    rejailbreak or use terminal to get cydia

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    Agree with Tosbas. Just rejailbreak and install cydia but not icy. What I did.

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    yeah i tried to reinstall cydia it gave me a internal error...and i never had icy installed so i am not sure why

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