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Thread: Wrong Icons for Apps from App Store in 3.0

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    Default Wrong Icons for Apps from App Store in 3.0
    I noticed this today (picture attached). For some reason, Some applications are using the icon from other. The way I fixed this was deleting both the apps with the shared icon (ie AIM and, and re-install them each one at a time.

    Just an FYI of something I thought was strange if anyone else has this problem...

    I take that back. deleting both the associated icons did not fix the problem. I tried deleting both amazon (web app) and AIM (proper app) and re-installing them. that fixed it for those. I then tried deleting Wimbledon (proper app) and ATT MyWireless (proper app) which did not correct the issue.

    Help would be appreciated if anyone else has seen or heard how to correct this.
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    Having the same issue here

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    Same thing happened here. I had the APN weblink from the APN settings website and TWC (app store) doing this.
    I tried deleting as well and nothing, so I just restored the phone. I didn't feel like messing with it.

    Am I getting smart with you? How would you know?

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    did you have some program on 2.0 jailbreak that made reflections????? that looks like a reflection, what happens if you move the icons???

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    It's not a reflection. I'm on a brand new 3gs and sometimes one app will just change icons to another.
    I'm going to apple today but it's prolly a software issue.

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    I found this thread trying to find a solution for this myself. I have a 3G with this problem and it sounds like Apple might be aware of it. Apple - Support - Discussions - iPhone 3.0 Apps are wrong icons and ...

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    what happens if you move them??

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    glad I'm not the only one, and it's good that apple knows about it. i guess we can expect a 3.01 update.

    Quote Originally Posted by alek View Post
    what happens if you move them??
    the image above that's attached is the result of me moving the apps like that to illustrate the wrong icons. the icons don't change back or anything if you move them or delete/re-install them.

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