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Thread: iPhone As Webcam?

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    Default iPhone As Webcam?
    Now that the 3G S can record video and there's an API for accessories and apps to communicate or whatever, would it be possible for say Yahoo to make an app that would let you plug your 3G S into the computer and use it as a webcam? Or will someone to be able to make a 3G S-only app that lets you stream live video?

    Just wondering.

    On a side note, does anyone know if there's a size limit to the videos you can upload to YouTube directly from your phone over 3G?
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    i would love to know this too!

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    i have made a makeshift web cam with any iphone, simple

    STEP 1

    -install 'veency'
    -get an vnc program
    -get 'many cam' (free program, google it)

    STEP 2
    -Set up the vnc to the iphone's IP (found in settings under wifi)
    -connect and accept on iphone

    STEP 3
    -open many cam, go to 'sources' tab, select 'desktop', and then 'custom desktop'
    -chose the area from the vnc client and bam, you have a web cam

    the only problem is that the frame rate is crappy.

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