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Thread: iPhone 2G SMS delay; 3.0 firmware problems

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    Default iPhone 2G SMS delay; 3.0 firmware problems
    Hey guys, I've updated and unlocked and jailbroken my 2G iPhone with redsn0w two days ago and I've had no problems with it for the most part until last night; since last night I get SMS delays from 5 mins to about 50 mins (biggest delay I've had). I'm In Belgium so I'm using a different provider, that's why I unlocked. Question is why am I getting delays? I know it's not the network because none of my friends, peers, etc have this problem it only seems to be me and my phone.

    Any idea what's happening? And if yes, any ideas for how to fix it? All help is appreciated


    no one? no ideas?
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    Anyone? I'm having this problem too...

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    check out the thread I've started here It seems that PUSH is broken on hacktivated 2G iPhones. Because it's unlocked and jailbroken the iPhone keeps trying to connect to PUSH servers but it can't because there is no plan on the phone ( I suppose, e.g. I have a simple phone plan in Belgium). Therefore this not only wastes battery since it's always trying to reconnect but it also keeps your signal busy resulting in dropped or missed calls and delayed SMS's.

    So to solve your problem first install a PUSH app like tap tap for example so that you enable the PUSH setting in your settings. Then turn PUSH off both in the main settings and in the Mail,Contacts,Calendars section, turn the push in "Fetch New Data" off. That solved most problems for me. Hope this helps, and good luck.


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    I'm also having problems with SMS delay since upgrading/unlocking/jb on 3.0. I've disabled push in Mail/Contacts/Calenders, but could you please explain exactly where the other setting is that you describe as being in 'main' ? thanks in advance

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    Default I DONT RECEIVE SMS and my iphone 2G 3.0 has short life battery
    i cant receive sms and sometimes when i receive them they are an hour delayed. my battery turned out to have short life and these issues happende after i have them jailbbroke and synced apps..

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