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Thread: Easy USB connection to iPhone (SSH, SFTP, SCP, AFP)

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    Default Easy USB Tunnel connection to iPhone 3.0 (SSH, SFTP, SCP, AFP)
    Well... I don't know if this will help, but I found a way to browse my iphone 3G (jailbreaked) with USB cable connected (no WiFi Needed). on OS X

    First I tried to use iPhone Tunnel with no luck (Found out it is not working with iTune). But it struck me that if OS 3.0 is capable of tethering, so it is capable throw the same module to connect to my device.

    Here is How to have sftp, SCP, and afp too with USB:

    1- First Jailbreak.
    2- install openSSH (you will need it if you want command control through SSH).
    3- install NetTalk (magic when it comes to browsing your iPhone as if you are browsing another mac- have to be carful though).
    4- install SBSettings (you might need to toggle data connections off-EDGE and 3G- if you need only access to your iphone and not get charged data rates).
    5- Reboot your iPhone just for inner confidence

    Now you are ready to do whatever you need.

    6- turn tether ON (USB only or even Bluetooth too).
    7- connect your USB cable (a network interface is going to be discovered, leave it alone just apply change, but don't forget to get the router IP address for this interface - mine was if you need to SSH, SFTP, SCP, etc)
    8- you will find your iPhone in the network shared. (if not you can connect to server:afp://RouterAddress/
    9- FOR ROOT connect as :root - Password is: alpine >> FOR USER connect as: mobile - Password is: alpine (now here is you iPhone USB Stick).
    10- for SSH, SCP, SFTP(SSH), you have the router IP (this is your iPhone IP) go wild.

    I would recommend to turn off 3G and EDGE with SBSettings before turning tether on, but if you leave them it will work too.

    I have not tried this on Windows... but the concept is the same, I believe you only need appletalk or/and bonjour, and everything should be set. (need a try though - if I did it I will share it)

    EDIT: on windows: 1- install iTunes. 2- install WinSCP. 3- do the above steps (you can exclude Step3 if you want)... 4- connect to the IP address of the router in WinSCP. that is it... NO NEED FOR iTUNNEL, iUSB, or any i ANYMORE.

    People with OSX86 machines, you need to make sure that USBECHI is working flawlessly (if your USB storage devices mount fast every time; you are set, if it fails to mount sometimes, search for a USB mount fix for OSX86)

    I would recommend disabling .DS creation on network volumes, if you are going to use AFP browsing (you can use Onyx or any other similar application).

    Wish you the best of luck,

    You heard the voice of the pharaohs...
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Works like a charm. Thanks!!

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    wtf?! this is just some shitty chat room!

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    Does connecting through USB download and upload faster to the phone or the same speed?

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    very nice work
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