I got a text message from O2 to upgrade to 3.0, it did say for users who do not have an iphone tariff (which I dont) would lose some of the features.

I do not have an iphone tariff with o2 and have not updated to 3.0 but I have lost the use of the internet (unless I use the wifi at home)

I am a little confused can anyone help?

Does this now mean that I will not be able to use the internet ever until I upgrade to an iphone tariff? or is there something that I need to do with the settings to enable me to have the internet access back? or is there a fix out there that will help me?

I am on a 2g 2.1 jailbroken phone and I am quite happy to update to 3.0 using redsnow? but will I need to do something to get my internet back? or will It be lost to me forever regardless?

Thank you so much for any help/advice you can give me

Kind regards

Ask j