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Thread: Anybody else having Wifi problems on the 3GS?

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    Default Anybody else having Wifi problems on the 3GS?

    I went to do a wifi test to see if there was any difference loading a webpage on my 2G and 3GS at the same time. Ready set GO! And my phone comes up with this dumb connecting screen (and stays there, therefore not being able to browse at all) - it's the 3rd time it's come up, and I can't do **** about it - I go to settings and shutoff wifi and pull it back up and bam it goes right back to that stupid connecting screen again, shutoff wifi and use 3G it's fine though. Is it my case interfering wifi connection or something? SwitchEasy NEO is what I have on there. I'm getting really REALLY aggravated though.

    Also, the text message beep alert when the volume is at max sounds really shitty - I'm not sure why, it just sounds distorted. Haven't tested the speaker phone sound on anything else yet though.

    WOW okay it keeps ******* happening, even after I restarted my phone - and it just stays there with absolutely nothing I can do and it will never get past that dumb *** screen.

    Alright so when I go back to wifi settings and hit 'forget this network' then pull it up again, hit it and re-enter my password and exit out then it'll let me browse just fine. But when I go back into settings, disconnect then connect again it comes up with that screen once again and I can't browse once again.

    Okay so I'm guessing no one knows about this screen and has never experienced it?
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