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Thread: iPhone 3GS MMS?

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    Default iPhone 3GS MMS?
    do i need the .ipcc from the firmware for 2,1 of 3.0 or can i use the old one i have.

    MMS has worked until i just got the 3GS. i have the option to send just cant follow through. any help would be awesome.

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    I got my MMS working by contacting ATT and speaking to exactly 23 different agents in English, Spanish, and Italian. Most weren't able to do much, others tried their best, and the last one did some stuff there for like 45 minutes and BINGO!!! MMS up and running sending and receiving.

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    i called att and had them add messaging unlimited to my account which worked last time so i dont know if i need a new .ipcc?

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    Can someone point me in the right direction on how to get and install the .ipcc update so I can MMS please?

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    what do you need help with?
    what itunes do you have?

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    ^^^ im in the same boat.. i have itunes 8.2 final and have a 3gs.. i wanna load custom.ipcc

    im on a mac

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    i've been able to load the custom IPCC and now i can teather but the MMS still just gives me message send failure... unless you can get AT&T to remove the opt-out code from your account you won't be able to send or receive... there are VERY few specialists that have the ability to remove this code...

    D/L IPCC:

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    How did you get it to install on a 3GS?

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    In order to istall the ipcc file which is a carrier settings file you'll need to downgrade your itunes to at least itunes 8 I believe. Because for some reason itunes 9 doesn't reconize the ipcc file when trying to manually install it yourself without updating (i.e. "shift" update/restore button) Or if you have your shsh saved on cydia just downgrade back to 3.1.2 firmware on any itunes versions & you'll be prompted after the restore to update carrier settings. It was at that time (when 3.1.2 came out) when ATT finally offered mms which is why itunes automatically asks to update carrier settings. But by doing this carrier setting update, all it does is gives you the little camera in the corner of your text screen to have the option of sending mms. It still won't work, unless your carrier has it enable to send mms. Either way you'll have to call your carrier to get the job done. In almost all the cases with this "mms failure" problem it's most likely you either...

    A: if with T-mobile, are using a sim card that came from a phone that didnt have mms capabilities, you have to call the carrier to enable it cus now you have an mms capable phone(the iphone 3g & up, 2g is not mms capable but I beleive sinfuliphone has a hack for it, not sure)..

    B: if with ATT, as with above mentioned previous phone where sim card came from wasn't mms capable. Again call the carrier to enable it. Even the iphone 2g's sim wont send mms.

    C: if you somewhat at first had a 3g or 3gs sim that had working mms, and suddenly stopped working. It's probably you some how at some time bwteen the mms working & later not inserted your 3g or 3gs sim card into a 1st gen 2g iphone or phone with no mms capabilities and it stuck on to that same card as you put it back into you 3g or 3gs. This was my case because I had an old 2g phone I liked testing on. Again at the end of the day you're going to still have to call your carrier to fix it as above mentioned. I dont care how much of an iphone guru you are cus I'm a know it all, mod, jailbreak, hack, you name it iphone everything myself and still couldn't figure out the problem until I gave in & called ATT... Even the custom carrier settings from and unockit.conz wont work if your phone applies to what I mentioned above. Of course you should always try first the network reset. Than if all else fails most likely all the above I mention will work.

    I hope this helps all those that are still frustrated because you think you're iphone is %$#@!...These phones are damn expensive and every feature should work to give you the most out of it...
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