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Thread: Why do you jailbreak??

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    You left out the biggest reason:

    In order to unlock your iPhone 3G to use with any carrier, you have to jailbreak and activate your iPhone 3G first.

    And, features Apples doesn't approve or has left out like video recorder, memory management (MemTool, SBSettings), Winterboard, etc, etc, etc.
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    Differentiation. Ever since the iPhone was subsidized, everyone has one nd it will only get worse. Winterboard/themes are the only way to make it noticeably different.
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    i jailbroke for the themes originally, but now its more the freedom to install apps etc that i want not that apple have said are ok. its MY phone, i pay for it so why cant i choose?

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    for SBSetting, SupremePrefs and something as simple as a ringtone shuffler(ToneFXs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoemocker View Post
    I jailbreak so I can download "almost" every application I want from the AppStore for free! =)
    OOOO, I'm telling...

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    Quote Originally Posted by coloradoxmfan View Post
    OOOO, I'm telling...

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    To "test apps before I buy" also because I ain't on A T & T

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    The history of Jailbreaking is similar to the history of NASCAR in the respect that the end result wasn't exactly the beginning intention.

    NASCAR was never a race, it was designed from whiskey runners practicing their skills to outrun the law. We ended up with a sport.

    Jailbreaking as we know it today was never the direct goal, it was originally necessary to unlock the baseband and be used on other networks. We get the benefit of being able to manipulate the phone in other ways by jailbreaking it.

    As the firmware changes, the reasons to do it will change if you are an app junkie, but for the unlockers, it's all just a bonus.

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    I didn't really jailbreak on my 3G because i noticed it had a huge impact on my ram. But now with double the ram that issue is non existent and i couldn't go back to a non-jailbroken iPhone due to the many awesome jailbroken apps. SBsettings, Inspell, Winterboard (not really for theming but for things like supreme preferences), iRealQuickSMS, MxTube, Lockdown, Five Icon Dock, etc. The list goes on and on.
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    I don't particularly like buying an item and then being limited as to what I am allowed to do with it,, i.e. I paid for it I wanna bugger around with it
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