Hi guys,

i have a little problem and need your immediate help

Until yesterday i was on fw 2.1.0 jailbroken on my 3G and since yesterday i'm on 3.0 non jb of course.

Before upgrading i did backupp my data of course and then i did a full restore on 3.0 (because i did pretty much experiements on 2.1 and wanted a clear and fresh iphone without useless files in the system). Everything fine. 3.0 runnin ... cool.

Now I want all my data back, of course. Did a "out of backup" and some cool little things like the numeric battery, my custom carrier name did come with this process, and with all those cool little things, i saw one bad thing. Missings icons. (iTunes, Stocks and SETTINGS.app - holy crap!)

Okay. I had all of them in sbsettings dock -> hidden from springboard.

I tryed to get into settings through maps -> locate me -> message "need to set up location settings" -> direct link into settings.app.
The result > an Error Message" can't open settings app"

plan b:

I know there is a .plist file in wich they are marked as hidden or not. But i don't get to it without sshing into my phone and i can't ssh into it because of the missing jailbreak. so what now?

okay thought of editing the backup iTunes makes and then do a out of backup again. Sounds pretty cool, but kind of tricky.

1st problem: after extracting the itunes backup files with "iPhone backup extractor" i had some files, but wich one is the plist i need, to bring back the apps?

2nd prob: how to get an working backup file out of the extracted files? there's no program for

So now how can i get my phone with 3.0 to work, without losing all my sms history, contacts and notes OR without losing settings.app???

pleas help me

PS: Please excuse my bad english ... i'm just a german "kraut" ^^)