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Thread: Help me Sync My Unlocked Iphone with Itunes and Tranfure My Contacts from SIM

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    Default Help me Sync My Unlocked Iphone with Itunes and Tranfure My Contacts from SIM
    I can not sync my unlocked Iphone with my Itunes for some reason. Also my contacts are not transferring from my SIM-card to my contacts. If anyone can help it would be every appreciated.

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    Well fist off, the iPhone doesn't read contacts off the sim card, can't copy to or from. And for your syncing problem, really need more info. What have you tried, version of iTunes, checked all the right boxes?

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    Put the SIM back in your old phone and export the contacts from there, most phones have a way to push this back to a computer.

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    this is dumb... i'm trying to figure out as well how to get the contacts off my old phone and unto the iphone... such a high tech device and can't copy contacts from SIM

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    I had the same problem just yesterday, i unlocked my phone using ziphone 3.0 yesterday. The whole copying contacts thing does suck, i had to go through and type in all contacts manually. The syncing to itunes issue i had also, just set the sync settings to MANUAL and then drag everything you want in you iphone to the area where "your iphone" is located(the area on the left of itunes where itunes recognizes your iphone) Thats the only way i have found so far, ill keep looking though

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    Use iSIM on the App Installer. The drawback is that you may have to edit the names manually afterwards because they weren't imported properly.
    I agree that the best way is to figure out a way to get your contacts from the SIM is to use your old phone to sync it to your Address Book (MAC) or Outlook (PC). This method may preserve the Name and Last Name structure more accurately.
    Otherwise wait for 2.0 that has the SIM import as part of the options.

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    Default How do i sync my 3g iphone to itunes?? Or any other way to transfer music to iphone??
    I am using a 3g iphone that is unlocked and working great with T-Mobile as of right now. It was turned off by my friend who cancelled his at&t service and gave me the phone. My firmware version is 2.02 and the sim card has the sim unlocker chip attached to it perfectly. Incoming calls and sms text messaging were on and off constantly the first day of connection but has been almost flawless from that point on.
    My problem is with the syncing between the iphone and itunes. I had the latest version of itunes my first attempt (7.7) and it recognized the tmobile sim chip instantly and would not let me proceed. I uninstalled itunes 7.7 completely and reinstalled every version of itunes from 4.0 and up sequentially (Uh, took forever). I checked all the right boxes in itunes prefrences, turned off the automatic updates on all itunes software versions and still am without an iphone that has music on it.
    Does anyone out there have a solution??Is there an alternative to transfering music and files other than itunes for my situation??? Any help would be much appreciated in the fight to end at&t's monopoly over these 3G iphones.

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