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Thread: When does the Apple/ATT contract end?

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    Default When does the Apple/ATT contract end?
    I've heard a lot of different answers like 2010 & 2012? Also, when the contract does end, is apple going to renew it or are they going to go to other providers. If you have an answer, could you please use a source to back it up.

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    In my opinion, probably never.. i don't see any reason why apple would go with any other carrier in the US.. They sell out of iphones ever year, and ATT has got to be loving it.. people are ending their contracts with other providers like crazy..

    Plus idk, but i would imagine it would be a hefty bit of programming to get the phone to run on CDMA instead of GSM.. plus verizon likes to cripple the hell out of the phones, i don't think they could get apple to get agree to their stipulations on devices. and tmobile sucks.

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    even though att sucks apple will probably stay because it is the largest gsm. Iphones cannot be verizon or sprint because they do not use gsm and that would mean they would not work in other countries. The other US gsm is T-mobile but it is way smaller then att and already has its own uberphone (the G1)

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    But Verizon and AT&T are both going LTE soon, so future iPhones (unlocked) could work on both.

    And I don't know if Apple will ever go to other carriers. They make more profit from each phone when they're exclusive like this. If they sell to other carriers, yeah, they'll sell more phones, but they won't get as much money from each phone.
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