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Thread: My AT&T Call (someone tell me if this is accurate)

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    Default My AT&T Call (someone tell me if this is accurate)
    i called at&t after learning of a " revised " upgrade plan, i get connected to an idiot witch didnt help but when asking about it he said this

    AT&T Idiot: you bought your iphone july 11th and you eligible for an upgrade july 12th 2009
    Maestro: what about the new upgrade plan i just read about from at&t
    AT&T Idiot: oh! you can upgrade and only pay 399/499 this friday
    Maestro: those are the same prices as last week
    At&T Idiot: you can wait untill july 12th and pay 199/299
    Maestro: i thought that date was pushed up to this friday though..
    AT&T Idiot: this is what at& says you can log in online and read it yourself
    Maestro: was there not a recent change in upgrade policy?
    AT&T Idiot: no the prices are 199/299
    Maestro: isnt that for this friday?
    AT&T Idiot: no you can go to an AT&T store or online to get the phone on july 12th with a two year contract
    Maestro: i thought i was eligible for an upgrade i gotta sign a new contract?
    AT&T Idiot: you can read on the website it says 199/299 with a two year contract
    Maestro: yes thank you for pointing that out but if i get a PHONE UPGRADE for having a contract in for this long paying over 150$ a month why would this PHONE UPGRADE require a new contract
    AT&T Dumbass who i want to strangle: ughhhh
    Maestro: You guys offer me this, now you say sign a new two year contract to get a new phone?
    AT&T Faggot: im sorry wait it says your eligible for an upgrade
    Maestro: what the ****! you have no idea what your talking about let me speak to your supervisor
    AT&T special guy: hold on ill get them please hold

    The End

    No one came then it said call ended i have no idea whats going on just thought id share please someone tell me whats accurate about this
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    i just spoke to operator just told me that i wasn't eligible for the upgrade because i "Used my upgrade last year Purchasing the 3G" i cant upgrade until MAY of 2010..lmao...something doesn't smell right..

    I'll call tomorrow to straighten this up.

    Dont get just spoke to the wrong person...thats all

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    you guys gotta wait until friday, it said it in the other thread. as of friday (so not yet in their systems) it'll bump ur july/aug/sept upgrade to eligable. just chill out and wait a day or 2.

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