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Thread: 3G S Activation?

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    Default 3G S Activation?
    I just got off the phone with AT&T and the lady looked up my order thats supposed to be sent to my house, and she said its marked for in-store activation. She told me that this is required for all customers and warned me about how busy it will be on friday...Is this true or was I talking to an Idiot? Anyone know for sure?!

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    Yes all iPhone 3G S's will have to be activated in the store. The cannot be activated over iTunes.

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    For real? That's lame!
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    So you have to wait for the mail to be delivered then drive to a store and wait in crazy long lines?? Might as well have bought it in the store in the first place then...
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    Are you effing kidding me? WOW.

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    what, you little punk *** *****, you got a problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xep5k View Post
    what, you little punk *** *****, you got a problem?
    Guys, the internet. It's serious business.

    Anyways, you can do it over iTunes - duh.

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    Even if you couldn't, you could probably just hactivate with quickpwn. I'm sure you were going to jailbreak anyway...

    Assuming of course it can be jailbroken. That's yet to be seen.

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    You will be able to activated the phone at home by itunes!

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    thank you to the people that answered my question! Dizzy714 your a ******.. Try answering the question next time instead of trying to be a "know it all" and acting like everyone is stupid.

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