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Thread: Help Me!

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    My phone does not make any sounds at all anymore. it doesnt even ring. all it does is vibrate. i clicked it from vibrate to ring and still nothing. when i use the phone thats when i hear the sounds from emails/texts/ voicemail. somebody help me! i need my soundsback

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    is it jailbroken? if so what applications do you have installed from cydia etc?

    Worst comes to worse, just restore your iPhone. with most general problems like that a restore fixes it . Otherwise it may be the hardware of the phone!

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    totally restore it to the current firmware (3.0 in about 17 minutes) and then bring into an apple store to get a new one for free.

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    I have seen this a few times with my old phone, it kept thinking that the headphone jack was still plugged in after I took it out.
    What would fix it was to put the jack in and out until it actually realized that I had taken it out. I think something was shorting the connection in the jack.

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    I've encountered this several times over the life of my jailbroken 1st Gen iPhone. Been through all the "fixes", only to find out that merely disconnecting the USB cable from my iMac and then reconnecting it restored the sound to my iPhone. However, you did not say whether or not you also receive that funky message something to the effect that you are attempting to attach a device that is not designed to operate with the iPhone and do you wish to switch to Airplane mode. I usually also receive that message when I lose my sound, and as I stated, I just pull my USB cable out and re-insert it and I am good to go.

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