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Thread: 3G S Value For Money (+ Bonus Rant)

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    Default 3G S Value For Money (+ Bonus Rant)
    Just to point something out, when the original iphone came out it was initially so UNsuccesful they dropped the price to boost sales from 300 and somethin to 269.

    This was for just the handset itself.

    They then even dropped the price to 149 to sell remaining stock in preperation for the 3G arrival at the end of its life cycle.

    But now, the handset alone on pay as you go costs over 538 for the 32gb model?

    OVER 530 ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    That is twice the cost of the 2G?!

    I really want the new 3G S and i dont want to sign another long contract, and i am trying so hard to reason with myself to buy one but the price is rediculous.

    For the price of the 3G S you can seriously buy real world things that you actually need. That sought of money is a deposit on renting a flat, a new car, couple months rent. It's rediculous.

    I guess we have the carrier subsidation to thank for this situation. They make it look so cheap and such a good deal for 35 / 45 a month when realisticly your paying EVEN MORE for the handset and stupid amounts of money on their tariffs which cost them a small fraction of what they charge you to supply you with.

    This rant has come about because today it was announced that in the UK they are going to cut down on internet priacy etc and boost the countries internet by charging every household 50p more on their internet. This is fine for me, i'd love my home internet to be faster. However, they then said this money would be used to boost the wireless phone signals throughout the country.

    With the amount of money carriers have been charging the consumer for years for their service, they shouldn't need government funding to improve their service. It's a complete joke.

    I have the spare cash to buy the 3G S on Friday, and i really want it, but i am not a stupid person and luckily enough i managed to learn how to add and multiply when i was in the first years of my school life, which have helped me realise that Apple are pulling each and every one of our pants down.
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    i feel the same way you do, but we both know we will end up buying it.... and that is why apple is so successful and doesnt have to really change much in the iphone design in order to sell another 20 million of them! my guess would be something like 10% of current iphone 3g users will upgrade to 3gs one way or another. capitalism at its finest

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