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Thread: 3G vs 3GS Cases

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    Default 3G vs 3GS Cases
    Maybe I am making this more complicated than it needs to be...

    I keep reading based on Google's searches that the 3G cases will fit perfectly on new 3GS because the dimensions are the same.

    Based on pictures and the written HxWxD, I believe that it will fit... but it doesnt seem people have considered a difference in curvature? a differen't grade of curve on the back can completely change if a case will work or not. and a change like that wont necessarily change the HxWxD. Do we know if that has changed?

    To me it doesn't seem you can say for fact that it will fit based on written dimensions... and I haven't been able to think about

    Belkin has 3GS cases listed completely seperate from 3G but who can blame them... whats better business practice? Telling people they can use the same case they already have or making it appear that they need a whole new case? gotta love marketing! I also noticed that the Product number for the BodyGuard Halo as shown in the URL is the exact same for the 3G and 3GS model... that leading to the idea that it truly does use the same case.

    For example, otterbox has nothing on their site about the 3GS... you would think that if the 3G cases fit then 3GS then they would have been advertising cases for the 3GS since they dont need to manufacture anything different.

    anyway... thought I would post this and see what peoples thoughts were. I'll probably just buy a case when I get the 3GS and ask them right then and there.
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    why don't you wait. the phone isn't even out yet.

    anyone hear about iphone 7gsp3g? heard it was gonna be great, slim, n awesome. whats your thoughts?
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