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Thread: iphone 3GS lines

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    Default iphone 3GS lines
    alright first of all i dont know if this is in the right section so im sorry if it is.

    but how early do u all recommend i go to the local AT&T store friday morning if i want to get a 3GS?

    they open at 7
    and its the only store within like 15 miles that will have them


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    the previous night? :/

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    Depends where you live, I'd say if you're in "Middle of no where bfe" you might be able to get there at say, 3-4 that morning, If you live in a place like NYC, Your probably S.O.L., but that's just a guess. Good luck either way

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    well i dont live in the middle of nowhere or NYC
    bt its like in the middle i wld say.
    i guess ill go at 3 or 4 and try my luck

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    You have pre-ordered yours right?! If not I wouldn't even bother b/c they are going to give priority to all the people that pre-ordered theirs first... then if my some miracle the have any left they'll get around to the rest of y'all.

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    well when i talked to the guy yesterday he just said it was first come first serve

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    its so broad... some people say 3am.. then others say anytime before noon. and people say even with the 3g last year it was easy to get and turned out to be no need to wait in line early in the morning.

    oi... should have had apple mail it!

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    same thing for me last year. shop opened at 9am, i got there about 3 hours early i think and was the 12th person in line.

    o ye, this was also in the uk, and the number 1 queuer was a guy from america with his girlfriend, who had queued since like 3 am, then got refused a 3g because of a british bank account or somethin lol
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    i would say like 2 hours before it opens. I live in a in a medium sized town and we have 2 att storres so i went to one the morning of the 3g and got it.

    Also the att store has to let you reserve one.

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    well i talked to another at&t guy today he recommended an hour or 2 early.
    im gonna go around 3 am-4 am bc i want to make sure i get one.

    i didnt have time to preorder so i have to wait in line for the first come first serve

    bt it should be a fun experience

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