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Thread: Help, Weird message when conecting to iTunes

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    Default Help, Weird message when conecting to iTunes
    I need Help Please

    This Is the sutuation, i have a macbook and a desktop PC and for a while i have been able to sync al my data like contacts, calendars, etc from my macbook and all of my music and podcast from my PC, but a couple of day a ago when y try to sync with my pc i get this message "THIS IPHONE CANNOT BE USED BECOSE THE APPLE MOVILE DEVISE SERVICE IS NOT STARTED"

    that only happens in my pc my macbooks syncs fine

    does anybody know whats going on

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    "Mobile Device Service" is a service that runs in the background on your PC which enables the PC to "talk" to your Iphone. You can manually stop the service through taskmanager (ctl+alt+del), however if for some reason it stops, you should just be able to restart the computer and everything is good to go.

    My advice, if you havent already rebooted your computer, do so.

    Otherwise, I would reinstall Itunes, that should fix your problem.

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    reboot your computer, and if you have shutdown processes via task manager or some other program that is used to gain performance you need to turn turn the applemobiledevices service back on.

    open your task manager and under processes you should see the service running. if it isnt then you need to go to control panel and use a computer management program to turn the service back on.

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    Haha....beat you pininfarina.....kidding

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    I have Try all of this methos but no luck i still have de the Movile Device Service off any

    does anybody know a free aplication to turn it back on

    i allready try uninstalling itunes and quit time

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    well, I turned on my iphone this morning and almost went blind by a flashing screen. I TRIED to restore it but it tells me theres a (-50) error with the itunes store and cannot complete request, its not letting me complete the it itunes (which i un/reinstalled) or is it the phone (previously jailbroken on 1.1.4)


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