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Thread: Waking up phone from sleep.

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    Default Waking up phone from sleep.
    My iPhone 2G 8GB is acting weird. I can't wake it up from sleep unless I press the power button twice, then if it goes back to sleep back itself, I can't press home or the power button once to wake it up, but I can only press the power button twice to wake it up. I have tried restoring it, and the problem is still the same. The weird part is whenever my iPhone is plugged in with the usb to the computer, it works fine..

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    weird. are u pressing it hard enough? sometimes my iphone wont wake up from sleep, because it isn't exactly sleeping yet. i press home n nothing, press sleep and i hear it click like it went to sleep. then i can press home to wake it. weird. my phones retarded tho, its laggy n i know thats whats causing mine. a restore fixes my issue.
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    I'm pretty sure I press it hard enough because if I didn't, then it wouldn't work when it's plugged in to the usb. Anyways I've fixed it by renaming the file in \System\Library\SystemConfiguration\PowerManagemen t.bundle to People have said this drains the battery faster so I would like to know if there's another solution if possible, thanks.

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    my phone does that too, it just lag. You will get tons of lag from themes and other cool apps we add to our iphones

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    I don't think it's lag. I hardly have anything on my phone and I have the default theme :/ That wouldn't make sense also because whenever the usb is plugged into it and in the computer then it works perfectly.

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    maybe some app you installed has a weird sleepmode, i saw a few apps with that in cydia.

    Anywasy for me that 'feature' seems cool. I would kinda like for my iphone to be harder to wake.

    Hey maybe you have a thick case?

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    I don't have a case for my iPhone. When I restored it, on the screen where it tells you to activate, it doesn't work so I don't think it's an app either lol.

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