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MMS and tethering functional on some AT&T iPhone 3Gs running 3.0?

If you looked at the screenshots as well you can see that in the about screen it says AT&T 5.0... now here is the thing.. I read on a developer forum that if you have 3.0 you can just call ATT and they will turn on mms for you. I have 3.0 because i'm a developer, i paid my 99 bucks, and we're off and rolling.. anyway, I called att to ask them to turn it on.. and the girl said she did no problem.. just told me to turn off and turn back on my phone.... i've turned it on and off like 45 times, and it still wont read att 5.0 on the about screen or give me those extra options on the networking section of the options..

Anyone know how to force a provisioning update? some sort of number you can call or something?

PS> i called att back about an hour ago and they said all their systems were down for updates.. wtf?