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Thread: Will I be able to get the iPhone 3GS 16 GB??

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    Default Will I be able to get the iPhone 3GS 16 GB??
    Here is my situation:

    My family bought a contract from AT&T, and it expired in February 2009. In early March my mother and I went to the AT&T store to see what kinds of upgrades, price reductions, etc. we could get since our contract expired. The salesperson showed us the iPhones because my mom wanted one for work so she could check her e-mail. She found out that her work didnt support the iPhone, so she said if I can earn $300, she will buy me the iPhone (iPhone 3G 8GB and Warranty/car charger/case = $300). Yesterday, I reached $200 for the money I need to earn, and I found out about the new iPhone that is coming out.

    I was wondering if there is any way that I would be able to get the 3GS 16GB for $199 in my situation (I would still need to get the warranty, my mom cant be talked out of getting the gay thing cuz she thinks I will drop the phone in the toilet or something else the average person my age would do, which I would not do.)

    Also, there is no way I could convince her to just let me get the $99 3G 8GB right now, and I would rather wait till next friday to get a 16GB.

    sorry about double post of this topic, my comp was messed up.
    ALSO: I do not already own an iPhone, i dont know if this will make any difference.
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    What kind of warranty are you talking about? The phone comes standard with a 1 year warranty. If you're talking about an extended year warranty (AppleCare), that's an extra $50.

    Also, do you mean use her lines upgrade price and use the phone under your phone number?
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    1. its the apple care plan that shes making me get
    2. i dont know how to do it, i just want to know if there is some way to get the 3GS 16GB for 199 so im not pissed when i get in the store and find out i cant get it

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    For the record, you should tell her the Warranty just is a year extension of the basic one year warranty the phone already comes with. It only covers part failure etc.

    If doesn't cover accidental damage, so if you dropped it in the toilet, ran over it etc, the warranty won't matter.

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    omg, i know.... she is just worried about someone stealing it, and i told her thats not covered in the warranty....
    however, shes just getting it b/c it comes w/ a case and car charger too...

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    ^^ Insure the phone.

    No, Im serious.

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