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Thread: Trillian Astra chat / IM software for iPhone

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    Default Trillian Astra chat / IM software for iPhone
    Looks like a pretty suite IM app for the iPhone. Trillian is IMO the best IM client out there and Trillian Astra is even better.....

    Pic Here

    From Engadget:

    "Those hankering to get your chat on with that shiny new iPhone now have an option other than waiting 'til who knows when for a (potential) Apple update -- if you're cool with alpha software invading your handset, that is. According to Cerulean Studios', the Trillian Astra application has actually been "designed for iPhone, it doesn't just happen to work with it." The result is a polished interface that is "compact" and fit to the screen, meaning that you won't be dragging and moving windows in order to hold a decent text-based conversation. Currently, the software updates your contact list and message windows, and enables the sending and receiving of messages so long as your browser window is open. Interested? Curb your enthusiasm a bit, sign up to be an alpha tester, and exercise your patience "for the next few weeks." "

    Trillian Astra for the iPhone, Cerulean Studiosa - Read Here

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    Ah... I loved Trillian in Windows... will be good to have it on my iPhone... signed up!

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    As did I, now lets hope its not like the beta i signed up for over 1 and a half years ago and just got yesterday!!!!

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    thing that sucks about web based apps is i want to recieve ims when my phone is in sleep mode. or when im in another app, just like how sms works. until then the rest is just for emergency situations.

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    This sucks though that you have to be signed up to test it. I signed up for the alpha about two weeks ago, and I have yet to be invited.

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    I thought I'd revive this thread as I have been contacted and downloaded Astra and have been using it for almost a week now. It has a web login deal which you can not use on the iPhone because it requires Flash. I'm about to try and see if I can get the iPhone version.

    Okay, am I missing something?? Is there a Flash install for the iPhone that I mised or what, because the Astra web site says "iPhone edition, Login to the Trillian Astra website using Safari on your iPhone...." Eeeeeenk! wrong.

    Okay I finally found it and it works too. Only one problem so far, it shows ALL contacts including offline contacts. They sure did keep it secret..
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    Where did you find it? Point us into the right direction please

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    ^This thread is over 2 years old bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    ^This thread is over 2 years old bro.

    Oops...Didnt even notice

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