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Thread: Sending SMS messages to multiple recipients

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    Sometimes i wonder if apple purposely made a general 'phone' for us to mod an improve - why waste precious time with petty improvements when others will indeed improve it? Then again, i think they ought to have came up with least the basic of sms system with characters, forwards, mass sms & save draft/msgs.

    BAH!!! Agreed that most cheap phones would have just kicked the iphone's sms capabilities, except for the chat bubble

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    Very pissed about this....hope they fix it in a update or something

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    IF apple really want this phone to be a major success in Europe they will need to update the SMS and MMS feature, no point in saying IChat etc will suffice as in Europe MS and MMS are the way forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rgates View Post
    The most important feature missing is SMS/character count and concatenated messages... SMS has a limit of 190 characters, if you exceed that limit you're paying for 2, 3, 4,... sms without knowing unless you count the characters by hand...
    um, it is actually 160 characters...

    Quote Originally Posted by nickh View Post
    Hi guys,

    I am wondering if anyone out there (outside US i am guessing, were problem is) can shed some light on.. 2 annoying features that i have had enough of seeing... and am sure you guys have and would love to REMOVE if POSSIABLE.

    1) Removale of the brackets when calling... ie (040) xxx-xxxx (Australia)

    2) And when hitting call on a number, always getting the "Call Forwarding Activte" warning everytime a call is made.

    Hey Nick, (fellow aussie)

    1 the brackets don't show up for me when calling on 1.1.1
    2 yeah, that is annoying...
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    still nothing yet ?

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    I have had the iphone for about a week now and this is really starting to annoy me I should have done more research before I bought it seriously thinking about putting it in the cupboard until something has been done.

    I have done heaps of searching around for a solution but the most promising thing I have come across is this however when I go to installer it doesn't have the aSMS application and I can't seem to find it anywhere. From what I gathered from the site it says the aSMS application will solve all the problems until apple does something about it.

    Has anyone complained to apple about this I mean how hard can it be to change the SMS program to allow you to add more than one sender I'm not a programer but they have come so far but left out so many little important things...
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    Default aSMS
    the program listed here.

    I couldn't make it work... and I sent an email to the developer and he was nice enough to reply me telling me it only works on 1.0.2

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    i agree wit tha Forwarding feature and multi-media messages people be sendin me some funny sh*t dat i want to send out but i cant, does anyone kno if this is gonna b fixed?

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    This lack of SMS to multiple recipients is really starting to P^&% me off!

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    some one fix this sms issue pleaaseee ((

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    Default Question
    Why don't we pay somebody to make an app for this issue???
    I don't know anybody that could make this possible but i'll be happy to pay (not to much) for that app, and I'm sure more of you guys would be, of it is reasonable.
    What you think

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    ^Likewise. I would pay for the feature. If ppl are that desperate for it someone must be working hard as I type this.

    Anyone out there working on this?


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    yeah i would pay over paypal ...

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    Any developer???
    If there anyone, please let us know
    Thanks to all

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    Having just shifted from Windows Mobile to Iphone, I find the latter to be sorely lacking in many aspects particularly the SMS features. In Europe and Asia (particularly here in India), SMS is a way of life, most bills for our 200 million mobile users are composed primarily of SMS charges.

    The lack of Multiple receipients of sms,
    The lack of Forwarding SMS'
    The lack of My Text (like in windows mobile)

    is highly irritating to say the least. One has to try and live with it but its really sad that this is so poorly implemented in the Iphone.

    Trust someone comes up with an app that rectifies this glaring ommision.



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    Yes please, fix the multi messeging function now!
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    Apple need to sit down with a phone like Nokia N95 and compare the phone features and functions with the iPhone. Apple have spent time developing advanced features which many smartphones lack but have lost out on the basics which even a 5 year old mobile phone can do.

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