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Thread: Sending SMS messages to multiple recipients

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    leaving out features that seem obvious and necessary is part of Steve's MASTER PLAN. every update will contain simple and convenient fixes. and every update will break the hacked phones, imo...

    u cant come out with a perfect phone. that leaves no room for development and growth and profiting. once the phones are no longer able to update features with software updates, you'll have to buy the new iPhone v2.0. imo..

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    I hope they add support for Bulk Messages and Character Counting!! - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mofolo View Post
    I hope they add support for Bulk Messages and Character Counting!!
    Actually, I hope that they begin doing some market research regarding SMS messaging in Europe/Asia. The is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Clearly the Product VP that was hired for the iPhone project lied on his CV when he stated that he understood the European/Asian GSM market. My Nokia 2020 10 years ago knew more SMS tricks than the Iphone does.

    Key missing (minimalist) features:

    SMS ACK features (the iPhone Baseband (BB) supports it but there’s no way to activate it DIRECTLY on the iPhone since any BB changes are overwritten when the CommCenter is reloaded during the preflight) Yes, I know, that you can sent your MNO’s C7/SS7 reflection key (i.e. */”Message”/* ) if known, to receive ACK messages, but why not just program a key/setting that flips the AT+CSMP=33,169,0,0 in the BB?

    Support for multi-sender/group SMS, SMS forwarding, cut & paste, etc., etc..

    Perhaps the biggest disappointment where the is concerned, is that it doesn’t know what to do with Flash SMS (i.e. VM notification messages/web SMS messages). The BB and Firmware know what to do with them, but the doesn’t. As such, they remain stuck on your SIM until another Flash SMS/normal SMS is received and then disappear forever.

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    So is there nethin v can do abt it .
    I mean ne kinda of app or hacks .. thru which v can send multi sms'es ??

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    Apollo and Mobile don't work very well for me. They either don't sign in or they crash. I like and appreciate the apps, but I can't seem to use them well...

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    it makes you think something that seems would be easy for them to do and would be another feature on iphones they havent done yet apple is slowly developing the iphone i hope they are just makeing everything perfect b4 a big release and thats why new features are far and few

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    Default Is Removing These Possiable--any Thoughts?? Australia

    Hi guys,

    I am wondering if anyone out there (outside US i am guessing, were problem is) can shed some light on.. 2 annoying features that i have had enough of seeing... and am sure you guys have and would love to REMOVE if POSSIABLE.

    1) Removale of the brackets when calling... ie (040) xxx-xxxx (Australia)

    2) And when hitting call on a number, always getting the "Call Forwarding Activte" warning everytime a call is made.

    Any thoughts or help on this would be so appreciated.

    Cheers, guys...

    P.S, I have only been a member of this site for a short time.. and would like to thank all of you,, Who have posted their works, apps & help on many different topics, which has helped me in more ways than 1,, small and large, to fix, find & work my phone in away i would not have expected. Being Downunder we have no support, so this is like our online help desk..

    Thanx to you all

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    I use SMS, but never send a message to more than one person, so I couldnt vote in your poll. Send an email and get over it. ;-)

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    hey get over is ancient...SMS is the new world thats getting better and better...Apple just wants to speed through things. I dont blame them, is all about being the first. EVEN IF IT DOES PISS PEOPLE OFF. they no they have the power to make it and send it out in an update....But there taking to long

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    this lack of feature is driving me nuts...

    also sms from some provider have wrong timestamp..

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    everytime i google "iphone send multiple text" i always see people telling me "use iChat, IM clients, Appollo..." i got appolo to work on my iphone (even tho it crashes on me everytime 3 or more ppl IM me at the same time).. I know i can add phone numbers in my buddy list on AIM.. say i added bunch of numbers in my buddy list... so now how can i send them the same message to multiple buddy in my buddy list..?

    i would love to use this as an alternative for multipe recipient txt messaging.

    and Yes, Apple screwed up big time on this one...

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    How can you secure your sms so it doesnt pop up when someone message you.
    And that you can give a password to the sms function.
    Is this possible?

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    They need this (multiple sms) and MMS!

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    OH come on guys!!!! every one keeps on ranting bout how they want to sms to multiple reciepients....DEVELOPERS>>PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS DEVELOP A PROGRAM TO DO THIS!!!!

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    This means the Iphone can't do SMS Forwarding and Multiple SMS?
    Man..... Expensive bloody phone can't do simple text like other cheaper phones.
    Or any application can do this?

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    Im going to have to say this phone is a POS! Do you think they will update our phones to be able to send MMS messages or will we have to purchase the new model after the first of the year?

  17. #37 has these programs listed in the forums. aSMS has google code too.

    also, this website doesn't have listed. please request these 2 to the app list.

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    Yes -- i think appled screwed BIG time trying to be the first with their iphone - sigh ** i hope they start fixing these simple flaws immediately!!!

    Dictionary - Drafts - multiple sms - heaps more!!!

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    aaaa for the love of good make some ugly looking crappy .app that can send multiple messages or forward them... som times im working in organisation castings and shootings and i have to send 50-100 sms... i cant even think of retying them every time and i feel like idot carring around 2 phones and use 1 just for sms ))

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    yeah apple really messed up on that will be on futer updates though...u best believe dat

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