I'm new here and would appreciate any help given. I did search the forums prior to posting this and wasn't able to find a similar issue such as mine.

I bought an Iphone 2G recently and installed Itunes 8.2 and was able to initially unlock with no problem. But I never checked the phone's speakers out prior to unlocking so here is my problem.

When the phone rings the speaker works ..
I can even place a call on speaker phone and it works ..
Alarm Noice across speaker works ..

But no Multimedia(mp3, video, youtube) works across the Speaker.

I did the plug ur headphones in and pull, and the phone would pause the music once the headphones came out acknowledging the removal of the headset. So Right now I know the Speaker works just not for Multimedia any ideas thanks?

Iphone 2G
Firmware: 2.2.1
QUICKPWN (Codename "Pwnmetheus") 2.2.5-2