Hey guys, so my friend had an extra iPhone laying around and is letting me borrow it so that I can sell my 3G in order to buy the new iPhone, nice guy! Anyways, he's got tons of text messages and crap on there that he doesn't really want deleted, or his calendar or contacts or stuff, just wondering the easiest way to use it as my own for a few weeks without messing up his stuff?

Can I make a backup of it, then put all my stuff on it, then restore to that backup when I'm done with it? and if so, how?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

And on a side note, I'll be selling a iPhone 3G 16GB White as soon as I figure this out if anyone's interested, I'll make a thread soon with pics and such, but it's pretty much new, have all the original stuff, plus a dock, and the box and all that good stuff, a white inCase Slider and a black rubber inCase too, thanks!