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Thread: iPhone Charging too much?

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    Default iPhone Charging too much?
    Hey, is it bad to charge an iphone too much?

    Like, when it is finished charging, does it stop?
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    I have wondered the same thing. I read somewhere that the battery only lasts for 400 or so charges so if possible I try to charge mine every other night. Maybe it will last a little longer that way.

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    This might be a trial and error thing.

    I'll admit I have a habit of wanting to see full battery all the time. May not be to good
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    i thought it was somewhere round the 1500 mark for chargers on the iphone battery - either i heard someone say that or read it or i dunno - dreamt it?

    but for me, ive got to charge it every nite otherwise it will die half way thru the next day hope it lasts me a few years and not the 400 charger = +-1yr 2mnths

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Sobchak View Post
    This might be a trial and error thing.

    I'll admit I have a habit of wanting to see full battery all the time. May not be to good
    Lol me too It always has to be charged all the way..

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    I do not normally charge mine any longer than necessary, I'll get it a full charge Friday at work and not have to recharge until Monday, then just plug in every now and then during the week to sync while I'm at my desk.

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    Wow, im surprised no one has chimed in here yet. Leaving your phone on the charger doesnt hurt the device, as it automatically turns off when its done charging. The battery life is rated in charge cycles. If you drain the battery down to 75%, and charge it back to 100%, you only use 25% of a charge cycle. The iphone is rated for 400+ charge cycles before the battery is at half capacity (someone correct me if im wrong).

    So in otherwords, it doesnt make a difference if you wait to discharge the battery fully before charging it, or if you keep it charged all the time.

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    well being a battery pro ..your right about charging cycles ,but did you know that heat will kill your battery the fastest,say you left you phone in the car while charging .and temp get passed 150 degrees you have done more damage to the battery then doing 5 cycles ,,ive done test...lithium ion batterys or li-po batterys do not like heat .heat and heat alone can kill a battery or make its life cut in half...

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    Thanks EmoRebellion!!!!

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