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Thread: While on call; screen activates on ear, locks when removed. Press power to end call.

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    Default While on call; screen activates on ear, locks when removed. Press power to end call.
    I've been having a little trouble with my phone, I am not sure when it started or if it was like this the whole time. I received it second hand and unlocked it for T-Mobile with Quickpwn. What happens I will be on a call and typically when you put the phone to your ear there is a little censor that locks the screen, then when you remove the phone the screen reactivates so you can fiddle with the keypad and what not. Well this works for the first several seconds of a call, then suddenly the actions switch on me. When I have the phone to my ear, the screen activates and the next thing I know I've somehow called someone else while in mid conversation. The worst part is that if I am on a call where I need to use the keypad or want to put it on speaker, as soon as I bring the phone down from my ear, the screen locks and I can't really do anything but press the power button to end the call. Once the call is ended it goes back to normal mode. Home doesn't do anything. Sometimes I can press one finger to the top of the screen near the speaker and the screen will light up and I can press other functions, but even when it happens it doesn't work to well and is a huge pain the in the *** anyway.

    That's about it. It's a first generation iPhone. I'd prefer to not have to restore the whole thing, if possible.

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    Likely you're using a protection cover for your iPhone that covers the three sensors located to the left of the ear speaker. If you take the phone out of the cover, it should work flawlessly.

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    I do have it in a case, but this was happening before I got the case.

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    Try, please.

    Did it work well out of the cover?
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