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Thread: how do i remote detonate my computer?

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    Default how do i remote detonate my computer?
    Okay that was stupid but I'm feeling kinda silly right now.

    Generally speaking what I want to be able to do is not remote detonate my computer, but instead remote Restart it.

    Why would i want to remotely restart my computer? After all when i am at location A why in the world would I need to restart my computer which is located at location B?

    Simple. I happen to use Music 2.0, which in case any of you don't know, allows me to stream my entire music library from my computer to my iphone. It's very handy and allows me to never ever have to sync with itunes again, at least for music that is.

    Well what happened was, I was on location and wanting to listen to something on my computer. Call it... Dream Theatre. And I went to push play and the app wasn't working.

    Kinda happened like that all day. Obviously I am not going to run home just to figure out why I can't stream my library to my phone, so i was forced to listen to good ole SHOUTcast via RadioBOX.

    We live in difficult, difficult times

    So after my work was done for the day I go home and see what "simplify media" was doing in the task bar and for some oddball reason it was stuck and apparently had been stuck in initialize. Meaning that it wasn't doing a whole helluva lot other then sticking an icon in the taskbar.

    Very easy fix, all I needed to do was just exit and restart the daemon and life was a peachy piece of pie afterwards.

    However it got me to thinking, what do I do if this happens again? I mean God forbid I am nowhere near my computer and I have a sudden urge to listen to Dream Theatre, or maybe some Richard D. James. What do I do now that I can't stream?

    Terrible terrible.

    I know what you are thinking. Just sync to your 8 gig iphone and your set to go. That's all good and fine, but I have considerably more files then 8 gigs worth.

    And I have urges... URGES PEOPLE!

    So what I was thinking, isn't there some way that I could remote restart my computer from my iPhone? I've been checking out some VNC options, but haven't really found anything that just gets to the point. If VNC is my only option could some kind soul direct me to a tutorial on How To Accomplish this task?

    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!

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    Well to remote detonate youll need one can of gas (10 gallons)

    poor gas on computer (not all of it)
    the make a trail of gas going outside of your home
    light match and drop on trail of gas you just made
    run as fast as you can AWAY from burning dwelling.....

    have fun and be safe

    ps if i where you i would make sure NO ONE was inside BEFORE you light the match..

    as for your other problem I HAVE NO IDEA

    good luck

    PPS i am NOT responsible you what you do with this information
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    Try using the OrbLive app from the AppStore, it gives you the option to restart Orb from the host computer.

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