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Thread: HELP: Slow Scrolling Text Messages

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    Default HELP: Slow Scrolling Text Messages
    Hello and Kind Regards to all here in these forums . . .

    I'm running a Jailbroken (independence) 1.1.4 iPhone :
    With the latest version of the and Summerboard 3.2 . . .

    I've got just a few modifications done to my iPhone - I've changed a few sounds - ringtones / and have added a total of about 6 apps .

    When I open up the for my text messages / the main window which displays all conversations now SCROLLS VERY SLOWLY.
    It drags and drags as it scrolls - and after a while it will scroll fine.

    once the SMS app is closed and reopened it will again scroll slowly. . .

    Has anyone had a similar problem ? Can anyone recommend anything for me to try to remedy this ? ? ?


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    You could try rebooting your phone and see if that does anything for it. It could also be due to the fact that you have too many text messages in that one conversation and it takes a while for them to load, causing latency. Try clearing your messages and starting fresh. If not, I don't know what the problem is. Best of luck.

    32GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen

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    Thanks TOXIC /

    The scrolling problem is only in the CONVERSATIONS LIST / not in the actual
    Conversations themselves . . .

    It's weird - I've got the same number of messages that I had prior to jailbreaking and
    customizing the phone - so I was guessing that it was a conflicting app I installed -
    or some other change I've made - - -

    anyone else have any suggestions i might try - I'd hate to restore and reconfig the phone . YIKES !


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    We've got 2 phones updated to 1.1.4 and are experiencing the same thing:
    After the update scrolling through the SMS conversations list is annoyingly slow.

    I don't think they changed the underlying database, this rather seems to be
    an application problem....


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    So is there anything I can do ? Aside from wiping the phone and rebuilding ?

    yeah - seems like your phones are doing the EXACT same thing .


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