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Thread: Help! Ideas? Jailbroken 3G powered down and never came back on.

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    Default Help! Ideas? Jailbroken 3G powered down and never came back on.
    I've had a 1st gen iPhone on T-Mobile (USA) since it was possible. Three weeks ago, I got my girlfriend a 3G. Thanks to BL 5.09, I got a Gevey SIM solution to make it work until a better solution comes along.

    Today, she had problems connecting on EDGE, so she decided to restart it. After a soft "slide to power off", it hung on the spinning wheel. So after a bit, she held the buttons for a hard reset. It powered off.

    Since then, it will not come back on. The computer will not detect it. I pulled the SIM and (SIM device) out, and it still won't power on.

    What am I missing? If we can make it power up, I'm sure it can be restored if need be, or whatever. The only thing that has changed within the last week is that last night I installed BossPrefs.

    Oh, another thing... the moisture indicator is still white as snow. Also, I've left it plugged in to the wall adaptor as well as my macbook for hours at a time, so it's definitely not out of a charge.

    It could be a hardware issue, but if so, why would it hang on a restart and then not come on?

    It's more like it's stuck in some powered down state. Would opening the case and disconnecting/replacing the battery likely do anything?
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    i would highly recommend NOT taking the battery out, or else your warranty is gone poof.

    if there is no possible way for you to turn it on, it seems unlikely that the Apple "Genius" bar would be able to either, i'd recommend taking it in and getting a new one. if the moisture indicators are white, and he cant turn it on, he'll go with a hardware failure. as that's what it sounds like.

    but you HAVE to make sure that there is no way for him to turn it on, because if it's jailbroken, and he see's it, he'll turn you away.

    but i suppose, if he CAN get it to turn on, and see's that its jailbroken.. gives it back... your phone will be on and you can restore. LOL

    *shrugs* win win to me

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    One more thing. IF it's stuck powering down .... unplug it and let it drain dead. Will take several hours/days but afterwhich you can be sure it really is off!! Then plug it in and pray it starts fresh . But me thinks there's a hardware problem and time for a replacement.

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