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Thread: iPhone 3.o killed iphone

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    Default iPhone 3.o killed iphone
    ok, so basically, my iphone would not get past the apple laoding screen one random day, so i restored. I was on 3.0 b3 but i tried to go to 2.2.1, not thinking it would hurt, so after an epic failure of trying that, i downloaded the newest beta and and itunes but i get eroor 14 over and over on multiple computers, somone please help me, i think it might be my copy of the new firmware because the itunes i downloaded from my dev wouldnt load either so *cough* can someone provide me with the fw*cough* soi i can try that or anyone else have any bright ideas im stuck and kinda sad but im getting used to the old htc 8525, just miss my iphone

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    Try to restore to 2.2, download it from here

    iPod and iPhone Firmware Download

    Make sure you put the iphone into DFU mode, that is black screen when itunes sees it in recovery mode, see here

    How To: Enter DFU Restore Mode - ModMyi - Wiki

    Keep trying, you should manage to get it to restore in the end, it took me over 50 tries to get back from OS 3 Beta 4 after it crashed to the connect to itunes logo, but just when I thought there was something wrong with the phones hardware because it kept saying Waiting For iPhone but going nowhere yet another dfu restore attempt resulted in success.
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    you are a life saver you dont know how mad i was, but i still cant update to 3.0 b5 but i dont really care right now, but im scared to update to 2.2.1 would it be safe or should i download it and shift click restore

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    I can't see why 2.2.1 wouldn't work, but I haven't bothered I kept mine on 2.2 as that works fine on all my iphones and I haven't heard any good reasons why you should upgrade to 2.2.1 anyway.
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