Hysteria Project - a Unique Horror Video Game

We believe it must be an exiting process in producing Hysteria Project, for over 90% of the scenes in the game are demonstrated by video clips. So, unlike other puzzle-adventure games, the horror-adventure game Hysteria Project has no intro video, because, from the moment when entering new game, the players have got into a cliffhanging horror movie.

The tied hands, the mysterious man in black….the players will "witness" the process that himself/herself is kidnapped with their own eyes and fully experience the highly realistic feeling brought by the first-person visual angle. Yes, anything happening in the story is all seen by the players with their own eyes. In order to simulate the sense of human eyes, the producers of HYSTERIA PROJECT have blurred the screen borders and simulated the blinking effect of human from time to time; by frequent hurried shaking, the camera has perfectly demonstrated the tension and terror of a lamb to be slaughtered.

It will be a good choice to play the game at midnight and darkness because of the wonderful audiovisual performance of HYSTERIA PROJECT…Of course, it may also be a bad choice.

No the common text descriptions, no the traditional survey by tapping the screen, how does HYSTERIA PROJECT pioneer a new road in interaction?

On the intervals of delivering information by videos, HYSTERIA PROJECT will provide options for the players to choose their actions in the scenes. If you fail to observe carefully thus make a wrong decision, there will be the ruthless axe of the man in black welcoming you.

The players will encounter different kinds of barriers and traps in escape. If you say the branches of the trees can only hold up the steps of the protagonist, then the landmines spreading all over the forest will be your deadly traps. In game-playing, the players will find red palm signs appearing on the screen which are the signs reminding you to interact. You need to concentrate when you burst through the branches and elude the landmines. Don’t miss any “red palms”, otherwise, the result will be serious.

As a game composed of videos, the originality of HYSTERIA PROJECT in interaction is a big highlight and it fully deserves the title of interactive movie.


The narration methods as narration imposed, flashback and so on in HYSTERIA PROJECT have made the game scenarios more complicated and confusing and the concepts to be expressed in the game are also not only a pure race and peekaboo with the lunatic. When the big "To be continued" appears on the screen, we cannot help splashing a sigh. Like another adventure game 1112, the game flow of HYSTERIA PROJECT is short, only about 30 minutes. Maybe that’s the only pity left to us. But except this, the wonderful performance of HYSTERIA PROJECT on every aspect has made it an almost perfect game. We sincerely hope its sequel will be released to the players very soon.

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