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Thread: Using iphone without data plan?

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    Default Using iphone without data plan?
    Hi guys,

    I recently bought a used 2G iphone, and was wondering if it would be possible to use the sim card from my At&t phone in it without getting charged for the data plan? Would it still be possible to use the internet through wi-fi without having to pay extra? I'd prefer if At&t didn't know I was using an iphone at all, and nothing about my current plan changed.


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    Here's what I did when I got my first 2g - I called Rogers (canada) to disable any data to be sent to my phone. The iPhone as a core device is largely dependent on the internet and with the high data prices, your best bet is to either
    1) try and negotiate a good data plan rate with AT&T
    2) Deactivate data to your account.

    You can use wifi without fear of getting charged......
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    if you're going to call ATT like above suggested.. do NOT tell them you have an iPhone, they will force you to add a data plan. say that you want the data to your old phone shut off.

    and make sure the sim card is still in your old phone while you do this, when they have disabled the data completley, then you can pop it into the iphone and use it only on wifi.

    one of the conditions of an iphone is getting that 30$ package. or i think its 20$ for 2G.. can't remember.

    to be totally honest.. it's worth the 20$.. it's very handy when you cannot get wifi, because witout data, you also wont have visual voicemail.

    your call though.

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    2g data plan is $20 for unlimited data and text , which is not bad deal at all. If you dont want data plan you might have to change IMEI # so at&t wont try to force you to get data plan .

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    Would it be possible to simply disable EDGE/3G with BossPrefs after jailbreaking to prevent ending up with a data plan? Or will At&T know from the IMEI that I'm using an iphone anyway and go ahead and add a data plan regardless? I'm not sure I actually have a data plan to request to be turned off on my current phone/sim.

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    You could disable edge through SBSettings.
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    But will disabling edge be enough to prevent being charged $20 per month or will they add the data plan anyway?

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    If you don't use it, I believe they won't know about it so they can't add it to a plan
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