I had a Gen 1 iPhone (jailbroken & unlocked) for about 8 months. i've had my 3G (jailbroken) for 4 months. I'm afraid i'm getting burnt out. I have created my own thems etc. Some for Winterboard and some not. I used to find things to do on it all the time, now I spend more time looking for something to do on it. I'm not a big gamer, sol free (solitaire) is about all I can play on a regular basis. I've downloaded other games, but get bored with them quickly. I thought I would start this to maybe see what others are doing on their iPhones. Not just what apps do you have, but what do you actually do with it. Here's my short list:

Work... (PC/Network Field Technician)
Check my calendar and email (Calendar/Email apps)
Check my work orders via vpn (Safari)
Take notes as needed (Notes app)
Input my mileage (Trip Log/1040)

"Play" (Husband, Dad, Drummer in a band)
Obviously Talk on the Phone
Keep up on the MMI News (Free RSS Reader)
Listen to music when I have "alone time" (iPod)
Approve MySpace and Facebook request (I don't "browse" them on the phone.)
Check email and text messages when they arrive (Mail/Messages)
Occasionally take a pic or two (Camera)
I constantly check app store for updates (i mean constantly)
I used to check Cydia constantly until i started using 3.0 betas
Check for new free apps (PandoraBox)
Check the weather (TWC app)
Play Solitaire (Sol Free)
Photo Hunt (FindIt)
Google here and there (Safari)

That's about it. All that takes less than an hour of my day. The rest of the time i'm searching for something to do with it?? I checked my iTunes purchase history and I have downloaded 202 apps since the app store opened and I only use a small handfull of them. Some didn't live up to their description. Others, I just got bored with. Please help renew my interest. I do have to say that this is the longest i've ever kept a "Smartphone" I usually get bored with them in a couple of months when the "newness" wears off.