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Thread: iPhone turns on by itself, while it's off

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    Default iPhone turns on by itself, while it's off
    Hello guys here i am with another problem, so basically when I turn my iPhone completely off (not sleep mode) after a while the iPhone turns itself back on without me touching it, the iphone3g is jailbroken so anyone knows what might be causing this problem
    ?? Thanks in advaced!

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    I have the same problem...It always turns itself automatically on if I turn it off....
    When in sleep mode, the screen turns on sometimes with the following message: This device is not made for iphone...bla bla bla"
    When I go to settings he tells me that I used the iphone for like 10 hours since last charge and standbytime: 11 it is as if I constantly used my phone...That uses a lot of battery of course...
    So what could be the problem...A complete restore didn't do the trick and an update to 2.2.1 neither...still the same.
    So could it be a malfunction of the docking slot?

    I am on a jailbroken 2.2.1 iphone 2G device...jailbroken with quickpwn

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    Yeah, I had the same thing happen when I was using my iphone on an old dock I had. I just started using the cable to hookup to my computer and directly to my phone and everything is fine now.

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    well I used a third party loader think that maybe it could be due to that?

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    the bottom or the pin connector on the phone is dirty from ur pockets , clean it with the sim pin that comes with it or another thin one , dont use water or liquids, if u have a air can with a straw u can insert it in the headphone jack this will clean all the phone but dont blow into ut with ur mouth,thats how they clean it in apple stor
    the tern on and the message appears because the phone is thinking that u connected something ti it exactly like when u connect the charger
    i dropped mine in water and took it to apple store thats what they did, with time it despaired
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    yeah, you could be right because same happened 1 year ago and it always stopped for a little time when i used the straw. But it never was gone for good. Only after one month using straw, it stopped for good. And now it starts again...Gonna try the straw again ;-)
    But why shouldn't I blow air in it? Last time i did that

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    Thanks reddevilseye, blowing the connector with a can of air did not work but cleaning with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and then drying with the can of air did work. The genius bar employee did not have a solution and recommended I purchase a new phone. Leads me to to only think of two explainations. One, the genius bar is really the Idiot Bar. Two, apple knew the solution but kept it from me in hopes of selling another phone.

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    The genius bar is filled with morons!
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