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Thread: iPhone stopped working after sim replace.

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    Question iPhone stopped working after sim replace.

    I unlocked my iPhone and used the TMobile connection for 2 days. Everything was working fine. However I wanted to use my old phone for some reason, took out the sim card from the iPhone and put it back in after 15 mins. The iPhone stopped working after this: I got an error saying: Incorrect SIM please connect to iTunes to reactivate phone. Any ideas? The sim card works fine in my old phone.

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    Sounds like you didn't install the lockdownd as the guide states. Do so now and you will be all good.

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    Hi, i have just got my hands on a unlocked iphone (i was not the one to unlock it). Anyway, I have had a number of problems so far.

    1st - I was pissed to find that the iphone does NOT run with Vista 64, realizing that i couldn't put any media on it until i installed Vista 32bit on my laptop

    2nd - I was mucking around with a program on the menu called installer. I installed and uninstalled a couple of game, then i realized that my Vodaphone sim card was suddenly not being recognized! So i tried to run "anysim" which i had on the menu, which came up with "Couldn't locate byte...".

    I then tried to reset the iphone which had no effect. So i reset the iphone setting but ran into the same problem.

    3rd - to top it all off I now have NO SOUND accept through my head phones!!!

    can anyone PLEASE tell me how to fix this keeping in mind that i am a PC user and am not familier with the programs required to unlock my iphone.

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    sounds like you need to restore

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    That's cool but i have no idea how to do that with my PC.

    I cant find a GooD full walk through on how to unlock the iphone using anysim which is already installed on my PC.

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    to restore, just hold down the top button (power) and the home button together (about 25 seconds) until you see the yellow triangle on your iphone telling you to connect to itunes. now connect to itunes via usb. itunes will recognize that you want to restore your iphone, hit ok and your done.
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